NF Affiliation fee

NF Affiliation Fee of CHF 200 is paid to FINA as an annual membership by its member National Federations. 

1. This page is to be used by the FINA member national federations only.Payments made by individuals or clubs does not entitle them to be a FINA member. 
2. Payment of the NF Affiliation Fee does not entitle a member federation of any tangible product from FINA.
3. Once the payment is made via credit card, please write an email to for any issue related to payment.
4. A member federation can pay the affiliation fee with/without creating an account.
5. Only those member federations, who have received an invoice from FINA must pay the FINA Affiliation Fee. While making the payment, please quote your FINA invoice number and your federation's 3 letter code. 

FINA Rule BL1 (Procedure and Regulations covering Affiliation Fees) shall apply.

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