Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

Belgrade, Serbia, August 6.— Hungary beat Italy 7-2 in day-two action from the FINA Junior Men’s World Championships at the Sports Centre Milan Gale Muskatirovic here today.

Hungary controlled the match and gave little room for Italy to move to take two wins from Group D. In the other Group D match, Egypt gained its first win in beating South Africa 7-4 in a close match where South Africa had plenty of chances in the final quarter, failing to convert.

In Group B action, Croatia withstood the second-half challenge of Spain to win 6-5 with Ivan Domagoj Zovic scoring twice for the winner and Alejandros Bustos twice for Spain. Netherlands felt the backlash of Montenegro, a first-day loser, going down 14-6. It was the Dutch team's opening match and it scored as many goals as Montenegro's strikeforce, Nikola Moskov.

Group C provided some stunning action with China needing a penalty goal in the final minute to break away from Argentina 14-13. Argentina forced the equaliser at 1:02 and China responded at 0:37. Australia surged through to the third day with two wins, heading the group in the absence of Serbia, which has a rest day. Australia beat its Trans-Tasman rival, New Zealand, 13-3, thanks to a 5-0 final quarter.

Group A finished the day's competition where temperatures topped out at 43C in the late afternoon and the threat of a storm shifting the last match indoors. Greece beat Iran 18-2 after being 13-2 at halftime. Then there was a period of time for officials to establish a pool set-up indoors for United States of America and Russia, a first-day winner, to play. USA relished the opportunity to perform and turned a 6-4 halftime lead into a 12-9 victory. For USA, Johnathan Hooper top-scored with six goals as did Russia’s Konstantin Kharkov — two fantastic players with fantastic goals.

Progress points:
Group A: Greece 4, USA 2, Russia 2, Iran 0, Puerto Rico 0.
Group B: Croatia 4, Spain 2, Montenegro 2, Japan 0, Netherlands 0.
Group C: Australia 4, Serbia 2, China 2, Argentina 0, New Zealand 0.
Group D: Hungary 4, Canada 2, Egypt 2, Italy 0, South Africa 0.

Match schedule:
Match 9. 09:00, Group B, CROATIA 6 SPAIN 5
Match 10, 10:20, Group B, NETHERLANDS 6 MONTENEGRO 14
Match 11, 11:40, Group C, CHINA 14 ARGENTINA 13
Match 12. 13:00, Group C, NEW ZEALAND 3 AUSTRALIA 13
Match 13, 16:40, Group D, SOUTH AFRICA 4 EGYPT 7
Match 14. 18:00, Group D, ITALY 2 HUNGARY 7
Match 15. 19:20, Group A, IRAN 2 GREECE 18
Match 16. 20:40, Group A, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 12 RUSSIA 9