Russell McKinnon, FINA Media Committee

It is the third day of the FINA World Men’s Junior Water Polo Championships at the new Al-Nasar Sport Club Kuwait.

In Group A, Croatia  kept China scoreless in the first half before swinging away to a 24-5 outcome. Four of the Chinese goals came in the third period. Lovro Paparic and Jerko Panava scored five goals each. Serbia prepared itself for Sunday's group-deciding clash with Croatia by shooting down South Africa 26-6.Marko Radovic was on target with five goals, gaining player-of-the-match honours.

In Group B, Hungary earned its first win, beating Egypt 19-7 with five goals from Marton Magyar. For Egypt, who led for two minutes in the second quarter, it was a third loss. Spain earned a third victory with a classy 19-8 victory over Russia after being 10-2 at halftime. Oscar Montes (ESP) scored five goals and a late four-goal burst from Egor Vasilev boosted Russia's figure.

In Group C, Italy started the day with a 16-4 win over Iran for a second two-pointer. A trio of players scored three goals — Michele Mezzarobba, Matteo Spione and Andrea Tartaro. United States of America and Montenegro provided the match of the tournament, which USA won 11-9, never being equalled or headed in what was a high-tempo match. USA goalkeeper Adrian Weinberg was named best in pool.

In Group D, Australia came back from 7-4 down early in the final quarter to beat trans-Tasman rival New Zealand 8-7 with Hugh Anstey netting three for the victor. Greece made sure of its third victory with a 13-2 margin over Brazil where it kept the South Americans scoreless in the first, second and fourth periods.

Progress points:
Group A: Croatia 4, Serbia 4, Japan 2, China 2, South Africa 0.
Group B: Spain 6,  Canada 4, Hungary 2, Russia 0, Egypt 0.
Group C: Italy 4, USA 4,Montenegro 2, Iran 2, Kuwait 0.
Group D: Greece 6, Brazil 2, Australia 2, New Zealand 2, Uzbekistan 0.

Saturday Schedule:
Match 17, 09:30, Group C, ITALY 16 IRAN 4
Match 23, 10:50, Group B, HUNGARY 19 EGYPT 7
Match 19, 12:10, Group D, AUSTRALIA 8 NEW ZEALAND 7
Match 20, 13:30, Group D, GREECE 13 BRAZIL 2
Match 21, 14:50, Group A, CROATIA 24 CHINA 5
Match 22 16:10, Group A, SOUTH AFRICA 6 SERBIA 26
Match 24 18:50, Group B, SPAIN 19 RUSSIA 8

Sunday Schedule:
Match 25, 09:30, Group D, BRAZIL AUSTRALIA
Match 26, 10:50, Group D, UZBEKISTAN GREECE
Match 30, 12:10, Group B, CANADA SPAIN
Match 28, 13:30, Group A, JAPAN SOUTH AFRICA
Match 29, 16:10, Group B, RUSSIA HUNGARY
Match 27, 17:30, Group A, SERBIA CROATIA
Match 31, 18:50, Group C, MONTENEGRO ITALY